Tuesday, 19 March 2013

External Website Optimization

External Website optimization aims at getting maximum number of links for your website from other sites. To achieve this aim it is crucial to have a subject matter which is closer to the subject matter of your website. Getting external links is an ongoing process and keep your website ranked high over a long period of time it is all more important to have quality links. Promoting a website over the external web through external optimization needs time and dedication because obtaining quality links from other potential websites is beyond your control.

The significance of a website automatically gets enhanced if the keyword is in anchor text which in simpler terms means a text which carries a hyper link to another webpage. Essentially any anchor text optimization campaign would involve using keywords to link to pages having related content. All major search engines place huge level of importance to anchor texts in comparison to simple link.  The final ranking of the website depends a lot on the inclusion of important keywords in anchor text as all the search engines attach due importance to the anchor text. Try and keep changing your anchor text frequently as the wide range of titles and description will give wider coverage to your website. It is important to remember that anchor text has the added advantage of increasing your Page Rank and subsequent increase in payouts.

The external links to your website gets you direct traffic and promotes your website to specific surfers using the search engines. It is essential to rope in the potential external links which will attract potential traffic. It is always possible to persuade the link partners to link to your website with your specified anchor text. This at time can be difficult but it is worth a try.

It is equally important that, it is important that the links that you are getting from other websites should have proper anchor text. Your article gets importance on the search engine because of the relevant keyword used as anchor text. Yes there are ways other ways of promoting your website by getting paid or free inward links and exchanging links from websites already having a good ranking.

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Best Website Optimization Rules

Here are some of the best website optimization rules webmasters bank upon to ensure their sites rank among the top listers in search engines and attract quality traffic.
The most important part of optimization is to ensure your page loads fast. For that, aim at having lightweight assets (scripts, images, media files, styles, etc) and reduce size of HTML content. A good markup, focusing on content description comes in handy here, while CSS handles the presentation/ layout.

Another equally essential aspect of optimizing your site is reducing the number of HTTP requests. You can manage this by using image sprites, combining style sheets and scripts, avoiding redirects and use of frames.

Making sure you choose your keywords well goes a long way in helping your ranking. There are numerous free keyword search tools that help you find the best keywords to describe your website. Select only the most relevant from the list, using specific keyword phrases instead of generic ones for better results.

Once keywords have been selected it is best to use them wisely. For your title tags, use very few selected keywords, merging duplicate words in each to coin a single key phrase. The header tags need to be well prioritized. Make sure the H1 tag contains the most relevant keywords and is placed above the content body, with the second and third most relevant ones going to the H2 and H3 tags respectively. The content body should never overflow with keywords, so avoid repetition more than eight times. Remember to name all images with keywords as well.

Next comes the process of organizing your homepage. Start and end your body of content with your keywords. Place content in a way that the most important sections figure in the top left section of your homepage, moving to the bottom right, just the way a bot crawls the page.

Submit your articles to article directories and websites better than yours to speed up linking in, as well as search engine ranking. You must hire professionals for site’s optimization, especially when you have too much on your hands to take care of in terms of work on the site.

Importance of Website Optimization

Website traffic as we all know is both originated and controlled by Search engines and Internet users simply type a keyword or a phrase on the search engine and look through the top ten or fifteen results. It is a rare occasion that the reader will not find what he needs in the results listed by the Search engine.  The article lists out essentials of a webpage for a considerable high listing by search engines.

Web pages must be professionally designed to ensure high ranking by the search engines. Meticulous designing is the need of the hour because each search engine is different and follows different guidelines for ranking a website. Webpage designing takes top priority because search engine guidelines keep on changing regularly and keeping pace with them is not an easy task. For attracting the targeted audience it is important that a web page has all the fundamentals necessary for high ranking by different search engines.

Keyword and Key phrase selection for the webpage is of prime importance. General keywords or phrases will not serve the purpose you must have leading keywords which are unique. Having popular keywords is not the key to success on the contrary it can be treated as SPAM and could result in getting your pages banned by search engines.  Meta tags also play an important role in attracting potential visitors to the website as it contains a description of the website. So you must ensure that most important keywords are at the beginning. It is equally important that the description is short and precise.

It might sound silly but it is very effective to have the first letter in lower case rather than in capital letter because majority of the users use lower case while typing their search. Using effective imaging and title tags have their role in webpage optimization. Frequency of keyword in the text needs to be given due consideration and the optimal count would be any number between one and six.

For any company to make an appearance in the top fifteen Web optimization it is necessary and needs the services of highly qualified professionals who have gained enough  experience in developing websites embedded with the desired fundamentals.
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