Sunday, 5 June 2011

SEO Mistakes - Discover and Resolve

SEO mistakes is one common subject that professionals often ignore but the truth states that it is one of the most important and critical element of search engine optimization. There are many components that play an integral role when it comes to website optimization but one wrong way can substantially nullify all your efforts and sheer dedication you put in for SEO work.

Some most common SEO mistakes are wrong use of keywords, stuffing of keywords, irrelevant title, insignificant html coding, lack of keywords, ignoring title tags, and laying emphasis on just one aspect of SEO. There are many aspects of search engine optimization like SEO article writing, keywords, HTML, meta tags, link  building, social media marketing, and blogging. Emphasizing on one single element of SEO can prove to be a failure because there are no strict rules and guidelines of what can affect what in the field on online marketing.

Apart from these common mistakes, excessive use of flash files and javascript menus are also not supported or appreciated by search engines.

In brief, it is always better to use an ethical route to search engine optimization rather than using unethical sources and medium.

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