Saturday, 24 December 2011

Don't of Building Back Links

Exclusively post when you can add links to your site. By doing this, you are not only spamming your site with unwanted details and stuff but also directing your resources and energy towards unwanted construction which could have been utilized for a better field for a fruitful purpose.

Never go around exchanging or marketing your URLs in any social gatherings. You not only appear as a blabber mouth but also are looked down upon by some jealous people who land up saying, “As if you are the only one who is great!” In short, never boast about your work in social gatherings.

Never wear your URL on your shirt or walk while talking on your mobile phone which might just display your URL on the back. More even, never publicize that you are reading a book which is likely to contain your URL on its cover or insides. People might just think this is another marketing campaign aimed towards them to visit your site.

Start offering small odd amounts to people for visiting or recommending your site and increasing the amounts a bit by bit till they finally give in.

Adding unnecessary plug-ins of other related articles at the end of your article to divert people from their focus of interest and leave a bad impression of the site. Never even think of doing that! You are not only leaving a bad reputation for your site but hampering your future traffic growth!

Always keep in mind, that while backlinks help in increasing the traffic on your site, it might prove destructive if you do not place them keeping the quality of the content in mind. If you are just randomly inserting backlinks without keeping the content in mind, you are not only portraying a bad content for the readers but are also playing around with your future business prospects. Hence, proper trade-off is essential between number of backlinks you tend to target for a particular site and the quality of backlinks you provide for each site. 

Keeping this in mind will not only increase the reader viewership of your own portal but also strike a business cord alliance thereby increasing the hits and not forgetting your own bottom line! 

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